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“Great moments are born from great opportunity”.  This is one of many quotes that Herb Brooks uttered to his hockey team before playing the Russians in the 1980 Olympics.  Russia was the favorite to win and the band of college-aged boys from the USA was supposed to be a road block to the Russians 5th straight gold medal.  The Russians had just beaten the USA team less than a week ago in humiliating fashion and there seemed to be no hope for the young boys from the USA.

Yet, we all know that they pulled off one of the greatest, if not the greatest, upset in all of sports history.  It was not just the fact that the Russians lost but it unified the entire country.  The cold war was in full swing and tension between the USA and Russia had been mounting.  The people of the USA needed a victory.  Who would have guessed it would have come from a group of college students who were just playing hockey for their country?

As Christians, we are united under similar circumstances.  Jesus came to tabernacle with men (John 1:14) when the fulness of time was at hand (Galatians 4:4-7) to redeem mankind from sin.  The odds seemed stacked against this Jewish carpenter from Galilee.  He had the Jewish leaders trying to turnover His work at every turn and the Roman government did not like people who stirred up the crowds.  It would have seemed that Jesus was never going to succeed, and it seemed like everything was going wrong when He was being taken to the cross to be crucified for His teachings.  The disciples scattered and left Him and it looked like the Devil had won this battle.

Yet, we all know that Jesus rose from the dead.  He gave His life as a perfect sacrifice, as an unblemished lamb, for humanity.  Jesus conquered sin and the grave and we now have access to the Father through Christ.  The victory over sin was the greatest victory there has ever been and ever will be.

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