Throughout the course of history, there are several men and women that we read about because of what they believed and what they gave for different causes.

Inside of the Brooklyn Museum, there is a monument dedicated to Nathan Hale.  Nathan Hale was a spy for the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.  Hale volunteered to spy on the British Army in an intelligence gathering mission in New York City.  You may not know him by his name but you might remember him by his famous quote.  He was caught during this mission and he was executed as a traitor.  His final words were, “I am so satisfied with the cause in which I have engaged, that my only regret is, that I have not more lives than one to offer in its service.”

This was a man who believed in a cause with such emotion that the fear of death, even death by the gallows, would not deter him from his mission.  He gladly sacrificed his life for his country.  He was so persuaded by this movement that he would have given his life multiple times over.

While Nathan Hale had great courage to participate in a war that could have meant his life, and ultimately cost him his life, it is nothing when compared to what our Savior did for us.  Jesus did not come to this world with any uncertainty of His fate.  He knew that He had to give His physical life so that we could have eternal life.  Jesus came with the weight of the world on His shoulders.  He had all our sins riding on His life and He delivered us from sin and the grave by delivering His life for us.

Jesus was dedicated to His creation.  He had a passion and a desire for lost souls and He paid the ultimate price so that we could enjoy a life free from sin and the tyranny of the Devil.  Have we reflected that love back to Him by becoming obedient children, dedicated to the point of death?  If we have a regret in life, it should be that we only have but one life to give to our God while here on earth.

Enjoy your freedom